S1 E9: Search Party

CRYPTID CAPE S1 E9: Search Party

Published on November 25th, 2019

(upbeat music)

Angelique: Hey guys, this is Angelique and I play the voice of Shia on Cryptid Cape. I’m here to tell you about my own podcast, called So I Got Fired. SIGF is a comedy podcast that sheds light on the beauty of being fired. With a new guest every week, we talk firings, quittings, and finding your way in the big city of Los Angeles. Catch new episodes every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and SoundCloud. And find us on Instagram @SoIGotFired for updates. Thanks, and enjoy this episode of Cryptid Cape

(people talking, yelling, and laughing in the background, upbeat mysterious music)

Francy: Do you see him anywhere? 

Shia: No. 

Avra: Nothing. I see Lizzie, though. 

Francy: Oh! Lizzie! 

(Lizzie’s footsteps approach in a run) 

Lizzie: Francy! Oh, God, he’s really not with you? 

Shia: We haven’t seen him since he split off with his friends. 

Lizzie: They told me Ben left to look for you guys, said you had his ride tickets or something. 

Francy: Really? He never called me. 

Avra: I didn’t know we were supposed to watch him. 

Lizzie: (annoyed) You weren’t. He can take care of himself. 

Avra: Oh, well, then he’s probably fine. 

Lizzie: Well I don’t want to bank on him being “probably fine,” Avra, because there’s been a lot of weird shit going on ever since you came into town, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. For all I know that story you wrote could’ve set those creeps off and they kidnapped him for their freakshow. Hell, for all I know, you’re one of them! 

Avra: (hurt) Lizzie, that’s ridiculous. 

Lizzie: How do I know? You’re just a stranger to me, right? 

Shia: Alright, everyone seems a little upset right now. Let’s just take a minute to breathe and think things through. Now, Lizzie, you’ve tried using your powers to figure out where Ben is? 

Lizzie: (dejected) Yeah, I’ve been trying all night. They’ve been acting up lately, and I’ve had a massive headache all day from trying to push through this stupid brain fog. 

Shia: You don’t look very good, to be honest. Quite feverish, actually. How ‘bout I drive you home and patch you up the best I can while Francy and Avra go out looking for your brother? Can you guys do that? 

Francy: For sure. 

Avra: Definitely. 

Lizzie: But I should be out looking for him, he’s my brother. 

Shia: You won’t be any good to him if you’re sick as a dog. I’ll get you feeling better first, then we can join the search. 

Lizzie: Fine. 

Shia: Come on, take my arm and we can head back to your car. 

Francy: We’ll find him, Liz, I promise. 

Lizzie: Thanks, Francy. 

(Lizzie and Shia’s footsteps walk away) 

Avra: God, she hates me now. 

Francy: Hate’s a harsh word, but you’re not completely off-base. Now you have a chance to win her over, though. 

Avra: Or make her hate me forever, if we can’t find Ben. 

Francy: That’s the spirit. (scoffs with a laugh) C’mon, let’s, let’s go find this kid. 

(their footsteps heard walking on the boardwalk, tape recorder clicks off)

(upbeat theme music plays)

Roger: You are essentially the one-woman band running Water’s Edge Weekly.

Avra: Maybe being in Water’s Edge will be different.

Francy: You’re not exactly as strange as the rest of us. 

Roger: You’re not a cryptid, are you?

Victoria: Cryptid Cape, Episode 9: Search Party.

(theme music continues, then fades away)

(tape recorder clicks on, crickets chirping, footsteps on sidewalk)

Avra: (calling) Ben? Ben? (normal) God, when I said Lizzie would hate me if we never found her brother, I didn’t think there was actually a chance we would never find him. Francy and I have been looking for hours, it’s almost one in the morning and we’re no closer to finding him than when Lizzie called us up in a panic. I mean, where the hell could the kid have gone? He doesn’t seem like the running away type to me, although him super well. That just makes me more nervous, though. 

Francy and I split up about 45 minutes into our search when we realized we could cover way more ground on our own. He’s been texting me updates on what places he’s looked. Together, we’ve already checked the whole boardwalk, a good chunk of the beach, and part of the burbs. Francy’s over there now, and I’m here on Main Street. I’m really hoping I just run into him walking home or something. I don’t care why he took off, I just want to find him. (sighs) Too bad Lizzie’s internal tracker isn’t working, it’d make this whole thing a lot easier. 

Shia texted Francy and I earlier, said they gave Lizzie some pain meds and she fell asleep a little while ago. Apparently that brain fog she was talking about was a pretty bad migraine. It’s so weird how all these cryptid powers work, it’s like... (light ominous music) Ben? 

(calling) Hey, Ben! Is that you? Ben? 

(normal) Jesus, would it kill him to answer me? 

(footsteps speed up) 

(calling) Ben! Your sister’s been worried sick, where the hell have you been? Can you please answer me—

What the... uh, Ben’s not responding, like at all. And his eyes... they’re white. Like zombie white. Uh, Ben? Is this some weird cryptid thing I don’t know about? Hello? 

(Avra snaps her fingers, Ben yells in surprise, Avra screams in response) 

Avra: Ben, what the hell!? 

Ben: Avra! Where are we? 

Avra: What do you mean where are we!? I found you here! 

Ben: Oh, shit. Avra, listen, I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t think I’m myself lately. 

Avra: I mean, you were just completely unresponsive and your eyes were white, so I think you’re onto something there. 

Ben: I was? Shit, I-I don’t know what’s happening, but I keep waking up in... weird places. I’ve found bruises and cuts that I don’t remember getting, my nose starts bleeding all the time... 

Avra: Yeah, it-it’s bleeding now. 

Ben: Ugh, jeez. My memory’s all messed up, too. 

Avra: Well your sister hasn’t been feeling well, either, maybe you’re getting sick? 

Ben: No, no, this isn’t some cold. Someone’s doing something, I just… don’t… know... who... 

Avra: Ben? Ben! Ben, are you still there? (pause) Shit, okay, he’s back to spooky-zombie Ben. I should call... (Ben’s footsteps start walking) Ooookay, he’s walking away now. He’s going down the alley towards the bay side of the island. (hesitant) And… I guess I’m following him. (Avra’s footsteps walking quickly) Also, for the record, I’m terrified

(tape recorder clicks off)

(tape recorder clicks on, crickets chirping, Avra walking, speaking lightly) 

Avra: Okay, it’s been 15 minutes or so since I started following Ben. The first couple of minutes I kept trying to get his attention, calling his name and tapping him on the shoulder and stuff. No reaction, of course. I guess I could try snapping again, that seems to be what pulled him out of it before, but… something tells me I should follow him, figure out what’s going on first. 

I dropped back a distance. I don’t know where we’re going or who’s doing this, but if that sneaky investigative journalism I did in college taught me anything, it’s to follow people from a wide enough distance that you can hide from whoever might see. 

We’ve been walking through the roads back behind Main Street. Seems like everything’s empty vacation rentals around here. Which means there’s no one around to hear me if... Nope, nope, not gonna think like that. I should text Francy. 

(phone keyboard taps as Avra types, light ominous music)

“Hey Francy, found Ben, acting weird. Gonna follow him to see what’s up.” 

Alright, hopefully that’ll... Ben stopped. He’s just standing over where the road turns to dirt and... oh no. 

(a bush rustles) 

Someone walked out of the brush near Ben. I don’t think they saw me, thank God this bush was here. Who is that? They’re a lot larger than Ben, and they’re wearing a black hoodie. They’re just standing there. Wait… Black hoodie… Oh God, I think that’s one of the people running the freakshow tours. I’ve gotta get Ben out of there, (bush rustles) they’re gonna abduct him or... (rustling stops) 

Wait, what’s he...? The bigger guy just gave Ben a hoodie, too. Is... is that... Roger? 

(cellphone rings loudly, bush rustling) 

Shit, shit, shit!

(more rustling, ringtone cuts off, Avra’s footsteps running) 

Francy? Bad timing, man. 

Francy: (through phone) Where’s Ben? Where are you? 

Avra: (breathlessly) Running away. Meet me at Lizzie’s house. I think we have a bigger problem than we thought. 

(tape recorder clicks off)

(tape recorder clicks on, light tense music) 

Francy: You think Roger’s trying to expose the town? 

Avra: I don’t know, maybe? 

Shia: But he loves this place, it doesn’t make sense that he would put it in such jeopardy. 

Avra: I’m just telling you guys what I saw. Ben was acting all weird and trance-like and went to see Roger and they both had the black hoodies. Looking at them, the descriptions that Rory gave me make sense. Maybe Roger has Ben under some sort of spell or something. 

Shia: I’m not sure if tree giants have such an ability. 

Francy: I’ve never heard of it. 

Avra: Maybe he’s just never shown anyone? Might not be something you want to advertise if you’re planning to use it to destroy a town. 

Francy: I mean, the witness descriptions weren’t that detailed, right? And didn’t he say something about some flame tricks? I don’t think that’s something Roger can do. 

Lizzie: It’s something Ben can do. 

Avra: Lizzie, you’re awake. 

Lizzie: You’re accusing my little brother of exposing Water’s Edge? Jesus, Avra, I knew you didn’t like me, but this is a bit much. 

Avra: I’m not accusing Ben of anything. I don’t even know if I’m accusing Roger of anything, but something weird is happening and I think Ben is in trouble. I want to help him—

Lizzie: (harshly) I don’t know if I can trust you with that. 

(long pause) 

Francy: (cautiously) Shia, can you help me with something in the kitchen for a minute? 

Shia: Sure thing. 

(their footsteps on carpet walk away)

Avra: Lizzie, I know I hurt you and I feel terrible about it. I got angry because you were trying to protect me and it was stupid and childish. I do consider you a friend, a good one, I just... 

Lizzie: You know, what you said about not knowing me? I thought about it, and you know me pretty well. You know my family, my friends, know what I do for a living and where I’m from. But I don’t know very much about you, Avra. And I might be able to see a little bit of your future, but you keep your past a secret.  

Avra: No, I don’t. I grew up in Pennsylvania, I went to school in Philly, I worked there for a few years, and I came here. There’s not much else to tell. 

Lizzie: Avra, do you really not see how much you’re hiding? You just summarized twenty-something years of your life into a single sentence. Even if you hadn’t been so resistant during the seance, I would be able to tell that you’re hiding something. Did you do something bad? Should we be scared of you? 

Avra: That’s ridiculous, I’m not a criminal. 

Lizzie: How would I know that? You would never tell me anyway. 


Avra: (sighs, her tone softens) You’re right. You’re right, I am hiding stuff about why I came to Water’s Edge and what my life was like before that. But I wasn’t a bad person, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. There are a lot of things that are still hard for me to talk about, even with people I’ve been close to for years, but there’s things about you that I don’t know. I have no idea where you grew up, or how you and Ben became sort-of siblings, or how you got to Water’s Edge. But I know you now, and I was a little scared to trust you at first because I didn’t have your full story, but if being friends with you is the reward, I’ll gladly take that risk. Do you think you could take the same for me? 

Lizzie: Yeah, I think I can do that. Sorry for all the weirdness. I was being shitty and—

Avra: It’s okay. I’m sorry for my shittiness, too. (laughs softly) How ‘bout we put it in the past like all the other stuff we don’t like to remember? 

(both laugh) 

Lizzie: Alright, sounds good. 

Francy: Ugh, finally!

Lizzie: You know, it’s rude to eavesdrop, Francy. 

(Avra laughs)

Francy: I don’t care! I’m just glad you guys are back to normal. Now we can focus on whatever the hell is going on with Ben and Roger. 

Shia: Avra, you’re sure it was Roger you saw? 

Avra: Positive. 

Francy: Could you tell if he was… acting weird, or…? 

Avra: Not from what I could see. He’s been a bit strange since the story came out, but I thought that was just stress. I mean, he could be involved... 

Lizzie: It just doesn’t add up. Obviously Ben’s not doing this of his own will, but I really don’t think Roger would be, either. 

Avra: What do you think is making them do it? 

Lizzie: No idea, but I think I know how to find out. 

(tape recorder clicks off)

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(tape recorder clicks on, crickets chirp and frogs croak, footsteps walking on leaves, Shia and Lizzie speaking through walkie-talkie static, Avra and Francy speaking softly) 

Avra: Alright, let’s see if these things actually work. (walkie-talkie button clicks) Hey Lizzie, Shia, you guys there? (button clicks off)

Lizzie: (walkie-talkie clicks) Right here, Av. Can you hear us? (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: (button clicks) Loud and clear. Francy and I just got to the wetlands area where I saw Ben and Roger. Seems like nothing out of the ordinary now. (clicks off) Do you see anything weird, Francy? 

Francy: Not really. It is pretty dark out here, though, and I don’t know if waving a flashlight around is a great idea. 

Avra: True. (button clicks) How about you guys, you get to the water tower yet? (clicks off)

Lizzie: (walkie-talkie clicks) Just parked down the hill from it. I don’t think anything’s going on, but we’re gonna walk up now. (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: (button clicks) Alright, be careful. Radio if you need anything. (clicks off)

Lizzie: Got it, chief. Right back at ya. (walkie talkie beeps) 

Francy: So, what should we be looking for? 

Avra: I don’t know, clues, I guess? I doubt Ben and Roger are still here, but they might’ve dropped something that could tip us off to where they went. 

Francy: Got it, searching for clues. (unfocused) I feel like I’m part of the... the uh... the…

(both stop walking)

Avra: Uh, Francy? Francy, are you okay? 

Francy: (trancelike) Oh, what… what beautiful music. 

Avra: Music? 

Lizzie: (whispering loudly) Avra! Avra, we found them! We were right, they were by the tower, and they’ve got a few humans. Av, Ben’s doing stuff I know he can’t do! I know what his powers are and this isn’t that! (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: (button clicks) Shit, okay. Um, Francy’s… Francy’s in a trance now? (clicks off)

Lizzie: What!? ... Shia said they can come help, just hold on! (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: (button clicks) No, no, I think I might know what’s happening, but you should stay away. (clicks off)

Lizzie: But you need our help! (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: (button clicks) You could get hurt. I’ll be fine, trust me. (clicks off)

Lizzie: Okay. (walkie-talkie beeps)

Avra: Francy? Francy, c’mon, snap out of it. (snaps fingers) 

Francy: (normal voice) Woah, what the fuck was that? 

Avra: What were you hearing? 

Francy: Some creepy song? 

Avra: That’s what I thought. I think you should get out of here. 

Francy: Me? What about you? 

Avra: I’ll be fine, just go. 

Francy: I’m not going to leave you out here. 

Ligeia: What a good friend. 

(Francy and Avra gasp in surprise) 

A stupid one, perhaps, but a brave one nonetheless. I suppose chivalry isn’t as dead as they say, hm? Can’t say the same for the two of you, though. 

Francy: Avra, run! 

(running footsteps)

Ligeia: Ah, ah, ah, not so fast. 

(chanting siren song, running stops) 

Avra: (weakly) Francy, the music... 

Francy: (groans, dazed) Oh, I hear it too. 

Avra: I can’t... 

Ligeia: Move? Oh, well sure you can. Of course, only where I want you to move. Now come along, darlings. Can’t have you blabbing about my little secret. 

(slow footsteps)

Lizzie: Avra, what’s going on? Avra, come in! 

(walkie-talkie beeps, a thud against the soft ground)

Are you okay? Avra! 

(tape recorder clicks off, light haunting music plays briefly)

(upbeat theme music plays, fading into the background as Victoria speaks)

Victoria: Thanks for listening to episode nine of Cryptid Cape, “Search Party.” The show is created and produced by me, Victoria Pereira. I also voice Avra.

Aubrey: The voice of Francy is Aubrey King. 

Angelique: The voice of Shia is Angelique Fustukjian.

Christina: The voice of Lizzie is Christina Rose Hargis. 

Kai: The voice of Ben is Kai Morfin.

Kathleen: The voice of Ligeia is Kathleen Graff.

Victoria: Our theme song is “Pink Night in Ohio” by Ryan Andersen. The other songs used in this episode are “Autumn” by Text Me Records and Jordan Blackmon, “Because for Everything There is Someone” by pATCHES, and “They Can Feel You” by Hainbach. Our cover art was created by Christy Duprey. Be sure to subscribe to Cryptid Cape so you don’t miss our next episode, our season one finale comes out in two weeks on December 9th. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, @CryptidCape, or on Facebook at Cryptid Cape Podcast. Share this episode with friends or leave a review if you enjoyed it, it means the world. See you next time. 

(theme music fades out)